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kingdom authority


In Christianity today, there is much being said about returning to our “Jewish roots.” Some tell us that we should still be celebrating the feasts of Israel and the Sabbath. Others emphasize the importance of blowing the shofar as the only true call to worship. Still others tell us that we must wear a Jewish prayer shawl for effective intercession. Those of us who want to please the Lord are often confused by the subject. Exactly how many of these customs of the Mosaic covenant should we really be keeping? Must we observe the Sabbath with its ritual of lighting the lampstand at sunset every Friday night? What about the tithe, is it for today? We understand that we don’t need to sacrifice animals, because Jesus was our perfect sacrifice, but exactly where do we draw the line? Circumcision was a part of the Law of Moses just like the feasts and the Sabbath. Surely we don’t have to circumcise our males any more, or do we?

kingdom authority


The good news of the Kingdom of God was the main message of Jesus’ ministry upon the earth. What is the message of the Kingdom, and why was it so important to Jesus? The Kingdom is God's government. The good news that Jesus preached was about the government of God being restored on earth after man had relinquished his dominion to Satan. Since the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, the Kingdom of God is being established on earth again. For those who accept God’s governmental authority, righteousness, peace, and joy are available once again. God reigns, and He chose to reveal His heavenly authority to us through earthly authorities whom He has established. To be submitted to God and His Kingdom involves being subject to His delegated authorities. It is essential for every Christian to identify his or her realm of authority.

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